Your 2017 Board of Directors

Name Position Contact
Shaun Abshire 42nd President
Liz Mullins Chairman of the Board
Michelle Kelley Membership VP
Shannon Lynch Management VP
Jeremy McLaughlin Community VP
Steven S. Fappas Treasurer
Kate Beson Secretary
Derek Brunt Technology Director
Sarah Fappas Director
Stacy McCraw Director

from left to right: Chairman Liz Mullins; President Shaun Abshire; Director Stacy McCraw; Community VP Jeremy McLaughlin; Technology Director Derek Brunt; Management VP Shannon Lynch; Secretary Kate Beson; Membership VP Michelle Kelley; Director Sarah Fappas; and Treasurer Steven Fappas

Your 2018 Board of Directors-Elect

Congratulations to our newly elected board members!

Sarah Fappas 43rd President
Shaun Abshire Chairman of the Board
Kate Beson Management VP
Stacy Jones Membership VP
Shannon Brunt Individual Development VP
Michelle Kelley Community VP
Megan Marie Secretary
Elizabeth Mullins Treasurer
Derek Brunt Technology Director
Joel Adkins Director
Kim Akers Director
Stacey Fenton Director
Jeremy McLaughlin Director
Sara Skarzynski Director

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